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About Us

Jericho Web Services was established in 2004 by owner / proprietor, Rod Nicholls.  Rod has worked in a number of IT related positions since leaving the RAAF in 1997 where he served as a communications technician, before establishing Jericho Web Services.

Our many clients include small to medium and home based business, churches, community groups and other non-profit organisations.

Working with open-source website technologies we are able to provide flexible, fully customised websites to our clients at very affordable rates.


To see lives transformed through businesses, churches, charities and community organisations having access to the technology they need to reach their communities effectively.


Provide the most effective, affordable and innovative technology solutions, training and advice to businesses, churches, charities and community organisations either directly, through outsourced partners, or a network of trusted service providers and consultants.


Relationships – lives are transformed by people serving people

Empathy and Compassion - a desire and passion to understand and help people

Health and Personal Development - personal health and development, understanding how technology impacts lives

Effective Communication - able to communicate technology concepts in plain language

Interpersonal Skills - understand people's attitudes and ability levels in working with technology

Technology Awareness – knowledge of and where appropriate embracing new technology

Why "Jericho Web Services"?

You may be familiar with the story of the breaking down of the walls of Jericho in the Bible. The Israelites had to march around the city once a day for six days, blowing their trumpets, and on the seventh day they had to march around the city seven times, blow the trumpets and shout - and the walls of Jericho came crashing down.

In much the same way as those walls were stopping them from entering the city of Jericho, you may be missing out on business coming through your doors because people simply don't know you exist, or have a convenient means of accessing your products or services. Your market could be expanded or a whole new market could be opened up for you if you have an effective website as part of your marketing strategy.

A personal message from Rod Nicholls, Jericho Web Services

Our vision is to see lives transformed through businesses, churches, charities and community organisations having access to the technology they need to reach their communities effectively. I want to help YOUR business or organisation  to transform lives, and creating a custom web solution for you is a small part I can play in helping this to happen. I strive to deliver a high standard of service and value for money, providing a web solution that works with your business or organisation and I will commit to getting to know as much as I can about it, so that I can deliver the best possible solution for you.

If after your free consultation we agree that for whatever reason the services I provide don't suit your particular needs, I will do my best to help you find someone else who can provide the services you need.

Why would I go out of my way to help you like this?
Basically, because someone else went out of their way to help me - the Lord Jesus went to the cross for me and for you, so that we could have eternal life, if we will just turn to Him and accept His offer. Helping you in some small way is the least I can do.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, or follow the link below to find out more:

Thank you and God Bless,

Rod Nicholls
Jericho Web Services


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tickHelp provide outstanding customer service

tickGive your business a professional image

tickShowcase your business to the world

tickRemove barriers of time and distance to open up new marketplaces to you

tickGive your customers flexibility, choice and convenience

tickStretch your advertising $$ even further by leveraging online and offline marketing

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